Castles, Gardens & Culture

Steeped in history, bursting in in diversity. Whether its monuments or museums, art galleries or artefacts, the Border 500 offer a vast array of attractions and events to interest and entertain you. .

The Devil's Porridge Museum

7 Stanes Mountain Biking

Woodhorn Museum

For more than 80 years Woodhorn was a coal mine. The museum and the new Cutter building is stunning - inspired by monster coal cutting machines, and with the original colliery buildings it tells the story of Northumberland through fascinating, emotive displays,

One of Scotland's great medieval fortresses. Its location, its imposing sandstone walls, its moat and unique triangular shape rank it as one of the most powerful looking castles in Scotland and yet it retains a certain, almost delicate and unrivalled charm

Caerlaverock Castle

Vindolanda Roman Experience

Explore Vindolanda,the most excavated site on the Roman Frontier, and our world class museum with its ‘not to be missed’ outstanding collection of Roman objects.

40+ years of active archaeology has brought this Roman frontier site and its people straight from the past right into the present. 

The Devil's Porridge Museum tells the remarkable story of the Greatest Munitions Factory on Earth, HM Factory Gretna. Built during the First World War, the factory stretched nine miles along the Solway Coast and at its height, produced more cordite explosive than all the other UK factories combined