Border 500 a Drivers Delight

For many the journey is not simply the means of getting from A to B...

.. but instead an experience to be enjoyed and savoured.  On today's crowded and congested roads, it is becoming a rarity to find the space to enjoy motoring for the very pleasure of it. Fear not...the Border 500 route is your friend. With roads purposely selected so you can indulge in that very driving pleasure.  Open moorland roads, twisty hill passes, coastal cruises, the Border 500 welcomes considerate motor bike & car enthusiasts, and clubs to enjoy all that the region has to offer.

So accessible

With easy and quick access from the M6, M74 and A1 (M) networks, you can push on and cover the route with maybe just a couple of overnight stops, of if your schedule permits, take it easy and saviour in the vast array and diversity of what the route can throw at you.

Alternative option is to arrive on public transport, maybe ferry from Northern Ireland into Cainryan, train to Carlisle or fly into Newcastle or Prestwick airports.  All either on or close to the Border 500 route and with excellent car hire options.

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Border500 is a not for profit website, with all subscription revenue re-invested to promote the route and associated regions for tourism related businesses