David Coultard


The exhibits range from early go karts right up to Formula 1 cars and the Mercedes Benz DTM AMG race car in which David  last drove in 2012.

David has shared his vast collection of medals, trophies, photos, helmets and a wide array of other motor racing memorabilia.

Hadrians Wall


For around three centuries, Hadrian’s Wall was a vibrant, multi-cultured frontier sprawling almost 80 miles coast-to-coast. Built by a force of 15,000 men in under six years, it’s as astounding today for its sheer vision as it is for its engineering. Milecastles, barracks, ramparts and forts punctuate a diverse landscape that provides a dramatic backdrop.


Fly Fishing

Casting a fly line well is almost an art form.  Controlling 25 metres of line with little effort and seeing it sail out straight and true with barely a whisper so that it lands as lightly as a feather on the surface of the water is like seeing magic. 

Within a short drive there are stocked small stillwaters and hidden away lochs for brown trout, rainbow trout, blue trout and tiger trout