Nature & Wildlife

Wildlife parks, nature reserves, dark skies and a natural world, all about you full of amazing discoveries.

7 Stanes Mountain Biking

WWT Caerlaverock

A rugged and beautiful destination offering open space and tranquil wildlife watching. Wander through wildflower meadows spotting orchids, butterflies and dragonflies, or see our winter migration spectacle.

Tucked away in a beautiful unspoilt corner of Northumberland and set in fifty acres of private grounds on the edge of the famous Pennine Way you will find a family business with a real passion for birds of prey. Experience has taught us that lots of people from all walks of life share a similar fascination of Birds Of Prey.

Falconry Days Hexham

Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre

Nocturnal Wildlife Tours

Its amazing what you can see and experience with the aid of our hand held night vision and thermal imaging wildlife observation equipment.

Detect animals as small as rabbits at up to 600 metres away or get close enough to see badgers and Roe deer going about their nightly routine without them knowing you're there.

Learn all about the life cycle of the King of the fishes from the Salmon Wall display. Then see what dangers lie in the river and how many survive after the female salmon has laid 5,000 eggs. Then watch the Salmon live on the interactive video screen and choose from 4 different cameras around the edge of the Ettrick river.